Wörthersee Stadion

The Wörthersee Stadion is widely taken as a multi-purpose stadium for its modern design, advanced infrastructure and short discharge time. It is often used as the home ground of the Austria Klagenfurt. It was named as the Wörthersee Stadion for the sake of a near Wörthersee lake. The football stadium was built from 1960 as a home ground of the old SK Austria Klagenfurt and a track and field football stadium, with a capacity of 10,900. In addition to sports events, it could be used as places for large-scale concerts, allies and significant activities.

As one of the stadiums hosting the 2008 European Football Championship, the Hypo-Arena was originally designed with a capacity of 32,000. After the 2008 European Football Championship, whether reducing the capacity of the multi-purpose football stadium to 22,000 became a controversial problem. On Sep. 7, 2007, a friendly football match was held at the football stadium after its inauguration. Finally, all parts reached an agreement to maintain the capacity of 32,000.

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