Ernst Happel Stadion

Ernst Happel Stadion lies in Meiereistraße 7, Vienna, Austria. According to the design of a German architect, it was constructed from 1929 to 1931. In the memory of Ernst Happel, the stadium changes its name after the person’s death. In 2008, seven matches of UEFA have been held at the the football stadium, certainly including the final, where the Spain defeated Germany.

At the very beginning, Ernst Happel Stadion was named as Prater Stadium for its specific location. At that time, Ernst Happel Stadion was widely taken as a modern stadium in Europe for its short discharge time. Approximately 60,000 spectator could get out of the football stadium only in seven to eight minutes. In the National Socialist Era, the football stadium is used as a special military base and a temporary prison.

After this special period, the football stadium was reconstructed and used as a place for sports events. The original capacity of the football stadium increased to 92,708 spectators after the expansion in 1956.