Stadion Wiener Neustadt

Stadion Wiener Neustadt, the home stadium of Austria’s 2nd league club SC Wiener Neustadt, may be the most cute football stadium in the world because the stadium was named after teddy bear and plush(Teddybären- und Plüsch-Stadion) on 13 March 2017. “There are many arenas in Austria, our name is certainly unique.” said the club CEO, Katja Putzenlechner. However, the stadium could only use the name of teddy bear until the end of 2016-17 Eerste Liga in June.

Teddybären- und Plüsch-Stadion is a professional stadium in Wiener Neustadt, Austria and mostly used for football matches. Besides, it has been used for speedway racing. Opened on 19 May 1955, the stadium hosted the Austrian Cup in the 1964-65 season and the European Cup Winners’ Cup in the 1965-66 season. The Austrian Supercup final was held in the stadium in 1992.

Fans are able to visit there when there are no matches being held so as to feel the excitement.

SC Wiener Neustadt won the Austrian First League in the 2008-09 season.

The country Austria is known for music and there are many world-famous musicians, including Joseph Haydn, Mozart, Franz Schubert and Beethoven who was born in Germany but lived in Austria for a long time. These music masters have left Austria with extremely rich cultural heritage. The Salzburg Festival in Austria is one of the oldest, highest-level and largest classical music festivals in the world. The annual Vienna New Year’s Concert is the most popular concert in the world. Built in 1869, the Royal Opera House (now known as the Vienna State Opera) is one of the world’s most famous opera houses.

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Generali Arena

As a modern and multi-purpose football stadium, the Generali Arena locates at Milady Horákové 1066/98, Prague, Czech Republic. It is often taken as the home ground of Sparta Prague and often the home stadium of the Czech Republic national football team. In 1937, the original wooden main stand of the football stadium was replaced by the concrete grand stand, with a capacity of 35,880 spectators. After the reconstruction of 1994, the present Generali Arena has come into being. In the end, the stadium fulfill all needs for international matches, after 9 months’ improvements and adjustments.

Many significant football matches were held at the Generali Arena, such as the qualifying game of the FIFA World Cup in 1990. Since the broke up of Czechoslovakia, many international matches have been held at the football stadium, such as qualification matches for the UEFA Euro in 1996. In addition to sports events, the football stadium has been used as a place for some large concerts, allies and significant activities.

Wörthersee Stadion

The Wörthersee Stadion is widely taken as a multi-purpose stadium for its modern design, advanced infrastructure and short discharge time. It is often used as the home ground of the Austria Klagenfurt. It was named as the Wörthersee Stadion for the sake of a near Wörthersee lake. The football stadium was built from 1960 as a home ground of the old SK Austria Klagenfurt and a track and field football stadium, with a capacity of 10,900. In addition to sports events, it could be used as places for large-scale concerts, allies and significant activities.

As one of the stadiums hosting the 2008 European Football Championship, the Hypo-Arena was originally designed with a capacity of 32,000. After the 2008 European Football Championship, whether reducing the capacity of the multi-purpose football stadium to 22,000 became a controversial problem. On Sep. 7, 2007, a friendly football match was held at the football stadium after its inauguration. Finally, all parts reached an agreement to maintain the capacity of 32,000.


The UPC-Arena locates in Graz, Austria, originally known as Arnold Schwarzenegger. As the home ground for SK Sturm Graz, it is often used as a place for some minor tournaments and significant sports events. It was also taken as a multi-purpose football stadium for its advanced infrastructures, modern design, short discharging time and standard pitch for some competitions. The initial football stadium was completed before the World War II. After the refurbishment in the 1950s, the football stadium was equipped with a standard skating rink and an indoor pool. At the very beginning, the football stadium was named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, then actor, Governor of California.

The capacity of the stadium increased to 16,000 from previous 15,400. The pitch was equipped with lawn heating system to avoid postpone incurred by snow, ice and some bad weather. In addition, the football stadium also equipped with two video walls and floodlights over the pitch. Besides, it is also a place for some large and significant activities, such as concerts and outdoor activities.

Ernst Happel Stadion

Ernst Happel Stadion lies in Meiereistraße 7, Vienna, Austria. According to the design of a German architect, it was constructed from 1929 to 1931. In the memory of Ernst Happel, the stadium changes its name after the person’s death. In 2008, seven matches of UEFA have been held at the the football stadium, certainly including the final, where the Spain defeated Germany.

At the very beginning, Ernst Happel Stadion was named as Prater Stadium for its specific location. At that time, Ernst Happel Stadion was widely taken as a modern stadium in Europe for its short discharge time. Approximately 60,000 spectator could get out of the football stadium only in seven to eight minutes. In the National Socialist Era, the football stadium is used as a special military base and a temporary prison.

After this special period, the football stadium was reconstructed and used as a place for sports events. The original capacity of the football stadium increased to 92,708 spectators after the expansion in 1956.